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Falling in Love is not a Chance, it is a Blessing

Falling in love is a phrase and an act that has so much meaning and can literally be accomplished in so many different elements of life. The moment I laid eyes on my first love I knew I had fallen in love, the instant I held my babies for the first time, I fell completely in love. The moment I first tried chocolate ice cream I was in love. The first time I was blessed to take in a beautiful sky colored in blue and pink I was not only mesmerized but I was emotionally and utterly in love and my heart was overwhelmed with gratefulness.

To say that you are in love is so easily done but it should really never be as easy as just saying so. For me, I was never someone who went searching for love or played the field to find it. I always believed that the moment you come face to face with the reason that your heart starts to beat like it is going to burst out of your chest, the reason your breath is taken away creating an inability to even speak and all you can find yourself doing is staring and hearing your mind screaming “Yes!! I need you in my life!! You are the one!! Please see me too!!” This is when you know you have truly fallen in love.

Those type of emotions and reactions do not come often and rarely come more than once in your life; The idea that you have looked into the eyes of someone that you can not imagine living life without and knowing that every time you look upon their face you feel like you are home, they complete you in every way and they are everything you ever dreamed of, when you imagined the perfect person for you.

The next part of falling in love comes with confirming that your heart was right, so you reach out your hand and you lean in for that kiss and there it is, the moment they take your hand, it slowly melts inside of theirs, the instant your lips meet your entire body fills with an internal warmth and you seemingly melt into them as if you had always belonged right there in their arms. This is when you know with out a doubt, you have fallen in love.

The only questions left: Are they falling in love with you? Will they find that they can not imagine life without you? And if so, will the two of you allow anything to get in the way of the incredible love you both feel for each other?

The answer is, only God truly knows, but the reality is that nothing in life ever prepares you for such a wonderful moment and such a blessing that fills your soul and brings you such a feeling of uninhibited happiness.

The last step is waiting for everything to fall into place as perfectly as your love did and praying that nothing ever takes that chance away or sees it end before you are ready, which you never really will be.

So, when you experience that moment and you know that everything in the world suddenly feels right, don’t let go, don’t walk away and never give up the fight to take hold of that moment and that person and make them yours. Life rarely offers opportunities like these, and they are so very special.

That is why I never go searching or playing the field for something as special as love because it is not meant to be forced or searched out like a talent, it is meant to find your heart and fill it so full that you can’t possibly see passed it or look beyond it and no other person could ever fill that piece of your puzzle that you have been waiting for.

I have been extremely blessed to have felt myself fall in love many times in my life and for many different reasons, but only twice have I found my heart falling for a soul that I felt was truly meant for me and only once have I been successful in lassoing that soul and making it unabashedly mine for all of his life. I am hopeful that the second chance the lord has given me to fall in love, finds me able to take hold of that soul and make it mine for the rest of my life.

The only questions left; will he love me too? Will he find himself unable to imagine life without me? Will I be blessed to find nothing getting in the way of our being together and in love with each other for the rest of our lives?

The answer, Only God knows….

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