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Don’t Get Caught up in the Hype!

It is easy to get to a place in life where everything seems like it is all coming together, like nothing could possibly knock you down and bring you back to the lowest places you have ever found yourself in before. It is easy to be swept off your feet and feel like you will never come down from your height of happiness and deliriously deceptive perceptions of perfection, but watch out, something always breaks the ice.

Here it is, everything you have ever wanted in life, everything you never thought would come your way and every feeling you always imagined as the best feeling you could ever have happen to you and then BAM, reality sets in and you realize with every wonderful occurrence, every grateful moment, every blessed acceptance, comes a big whopping whip cream pie filled with guilt, heartache, emotional distress and the sudden embarkment of truth to let you know that you still have serious responsibilities, you are still human and you still hold anger and frustration, and you can still feel disappointment and make someone else feel disappointed in you.

Just like the song,” what goes up must come down, the spinning wheel got to go round.”  Life never stops throwing in the bad with the good. We all have felt this happen to us and we will continue to feel these moments, but it is all in the way we choose to react to it that defines the kind of life we will ultimately live.  Will we let the bad moments, the stressful times, the struggles, get to us and beat us down or will we keep riding that pony and letting him know who’s the boss and when we have had enough?

Will we take hold of the reins and stare ourselves in a better direction, a direction of courage and strength, perseverance, and self- assuredness or will we get bucked off that pony and fall to the ground and give up? Nothing in life is easy, it is all a test of God’s to see how strong we are and whether we will take the time to see and accept that we need his help. Will we learn that we cannot get through this life without him by our side and in our hearts?

All the positive times that come along, all the glorious thank the lord moments that take place, all of the sudden feelings of relief and peace of mind, they all come with a price. Never forget that life comes with a penance to pay and until we have figured out what it will take to pay the penance and make good with the Lord, we will always run into the trials and tribulations that life throws our way.

So, while you are riding that glorious wave of indestructible perfected happiness, and feeling the sunshine that is blazing across your face as you reach the bottom of the rainbow you are gliding across, remember the pot of gold isn’t the same for everyone and it doesn’t get there without you paying a plethora of tolls along the way. Don’t believe the hype, it is never truly a pot of gold that sits at the end of a perfect rainbow, it's just the glowing sensation that you actually made it to the other side.

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