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Brave the Challenge

The easiest thing to do is avoid a challenge and never do anything more than go along for the ride. For some of us we are not built that way and we invite the challenge, we challenge the challenge, we are not willing to except that we cannot have whatever we want in life, that if we truly give our all for it, we can’t succeed, because in the end whether we win or lose, we know we gave it our all. For others, they would rather avoid conflict at all costs and live their lives in misery than take a chance, go against the grain, and grab onto what could make the rest of their lives exceptional!

Why would anyone choose to just be content with the idea of just living day to day unhappy and unchallenged and having no spark in their lives and never truly feeling like they found what makes them feel their best, what reminds them everyday they are worth something, and never knowing or feeling like they deserve more. Not selfishness to the point of making everyone around them feel less than but selfishness that says, I am someone in this world too and I get one life to live to the fullest and damn it, I am going to. I can be a hero and a warrior, I can be a lover and a fighter, I can be hated and loved because in the end I am being a leader for myself and for others.

We do not have to go out there and be bullies and beat up the world or the people around us but it is always necessary in this world to stand up and fight the challenges and burrow through the trenches and dig deep in the dirt, so that you can rise up with great reward and know that you gave it your all, because it was worth it to achieve your greatest happiness and to prove to others that they too can achieve theirs.

We as a people are challenged every day, especially in today’s world. I know I am being challenged, my life has been a constant struggle and in the last year, I have never seen more challenges within my own self. I almost gave up on me. Life is not easy, and some battles are harder to get through, but nothing is ever so dark that you can’t find a light somewhere. I push myself every day to keep going and to keep fighting, because the lord doesn’t like quitters and I could never allow my children to see me give up. There are always those moments when you want to let go and just be, but what does that get you? Nothing but remorse.

Our world is being challenged today and we all need to rise up and fight back, because if we don’t than our children will lose in the end. I for one believe they are always worth fighting for and I will continue to fight for my children even after I am gone from this earth. I must lead by example and teach my children to fight, because they need to learn to continue the battle for their children and so on.

So, when you are questioning whether you should take the challenge, whether something or someone is worth the fight, whether you are worth the fight, remember it is not always about what the outcome turns out to be, but about knowing that you gave it your all, you reached passed the unreachable and you just might succeed and find your every happiness.

I am still fighting; I will never stop fighting. I will keep challenging those I love to fight for everything they believe in, to stand strong and reach for what they want out of life and to strive for their greatest happiness, because what is life worth if it’s not worth living?

I keep going back to this, but my challenge today is to get what I desire out of my career, make it what I want it to be. My goal is to show my children that you should never give up and you should never give in because no one will fight harder for you than you will, and your happiness and success will always be your greatest challenge because the devil never wants you to succeed. Have faith in the lord and know he is with you, and he will never let you fall when you fight with him by your side.

My greatest struggle is losing part of my team that always fought the battles with me and wondering if I will ever fill that space again, wondering if I am strong enough to endure the pain to put myself out there and reach for that piece of my heart again. I am learning that I can be, and I know there is someone out there that is meant to fill this empty space on my team, but I am wondering if he will be strong enough to take the challenge and fight for me and with me until the end and even after. Wherever you may be, do us both a favor and don’t give up on me.

To all of you, do not ever give up on yourselves or your loved ones, we need each other in this world, and we need to stand together and fight for us all, because we either stand together or divided we will fall.

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