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What are You Missing?

The reality is that we are all so busy searching for what we want out of this world that we don’t take the time to sit back and see what we already have. How happy are you with the life you are leading? Do the material things that you have acquired fulfill your every happiness? Will the things you are striving for now give you that ultimate satisfaction you are looking for? Have you ever just stopped, looked around, and taken the time to see all of the beauty that surrounds you and all of the blessings you already have?

Maybe the life you have isn’t really all that bad. Perhaps we have just become a selfish people and have lost our focus on what really matters about the life we are given. Could it be possible that we are so wrapped up in our own anger and frustration over what we don’t have or what we have not yet accomplished in our lives that we miss all of the most important things we did accomplish?

For most of us we have a car to drive, a home to live in, beautiful children, healthy lives and we live fairly comfortably, even if it’s not exactly what we were hoping for, or it doesn’t exactly get us the things we would like to have.

Perhaps we have become such a greedy society that we have caused our own demise, by voting in a government body that we thought would hand us everything for free when the reality is that nothing in life can ever be truly free, someone in this world has to pay for it and it is usually all of us who hold a job and pay taxes.

My personal perspective on all of this, is that we have simply lost our way. We are so wrapped up in our needs and wants that we are letting life get away from us and we are missing all of the beauty of living. We have taken for granted everything that God’s grace has provided us. The tree’s, the flower’s, the birds, the sunshine, the moonlight, and the stars. The green grass, the blue waters, the blue skies, and the warm soft sand.

We let ourselves fall into anger about what we have lost or what has been taken away and we do not stop to realize that just maybe we are supposed to see that what we had was beautiful while we had it and we should be thankful we had it at all, but just maybe God had other plans for our lives and what we had wasn’t meant to finish out those plans with us.

I believe that God looks at you and believes that you were lost in the shadows while you were living the life you thought you were meant to have and he had greater plans for you, he seen more in you than just hanging back in the shadows. I believe we were placed on this earth as souls with jobs to do. For some of us, we are given the responsibility to handle more than one job in this life.

What we should have been accomplishing was not occurring because we felt a need to be the support for someone else’s accomplishments. God recognizes when a life here on earth has completed its tasks and when it’s time to return to him, he sees that those still living still need to shine and live their best life. Those that went home with him, already have.

I believe in soulmates, two souls that are meant to find each other and complete each other, this doesn’t always happen but when it does it’s a glorious feeling and the most amazing connection you could ever imagine. I believe in angels, God’s workers who are sent here to guide and direct us and make every attempt to get us to allow them to do so.

I believe in living your life through God and for God’s purpose, and by doing so, you will have lived your fullest and best life here on this earth.

If we all just paused for a moment, opened our hearts and our minds, and looked around, we just might start to see what really matters in this life. It’s not the fancy cars, the big homes, the shiny jewelry or the top of the line gadgets and accessories. It’s the love between one another, it’s the beauty all around us, its’ our children’s sweet faces, and the opportunity we are given to be alive in this world and find our greatest love, our greatest friendships, our greatest happiness not from material items but from one another and from the earth we live on and all of its amazing beauty and through our Faith in the lord.

My hope is that we will all take a moment to sit back and take in another view of the life we are living and ask ourselves, Am I living my best life? Am I happy with the life I am living? Could I quite possibly find greater happiness and peace in slowing down and taking the time to enjoy the world around me and let go of the zealous need for more? Could I have all I need to fulfill my life and find greater tranquility in just learning to live, soak in the sun, watch the sunset, listen to the birds, smell the grass and the fresh air, dip my toes in the water and the sand, and love the people around me with all I have to give? Can I trust in God that he will never let me fall if I just have faith and live my best life through him?

I believe in all of you and I believe we all can have all of this and I have no doubt that God will never you let us fall if we just have faith in the plan he holds for us on this glorious earth.

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