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Some Things Never Change

The smell of fresh apple pie, the sound of a crackling fire, the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are feeling pressured or nervous, the never ending bills you must pay, and the way a man and woman in a relationship always find something that drives them insane about each other, but in the same token they always find that one thing that makes them fall completely in love with one another over and over again.

How does anyone. find that moment, where they are perfectly content, and not a single thing in their life makes them lose their shit, and feel like they just can’t go on? I almost completely certain that there is not a single person who is that content in life.

So, what is the secret to being unconditionally happy with the life you are living and not having one solitary thing that works you up and sends you over the edge. What is the trick to not letting a single thing bother you in life and just letting go of the little idiosyncrasies that you despise and would prefer to not have in your life?

Well, I certainly couldn’t tell you. Because I still have not made it to that point.

What I do believe is, we are not here to be changed but to be loved in spite of all of our little imperfections, with hope that through loving us we will see the worth in changing for ourselves, because the love is more valuable than the habits we hold onto. This does not mean that the habits we have are easy to let go of, but that they are far less necessary than the love we cherish so much.

No one is perfect in this world, and no one will ever be perfect, we will never find ourselves falling in love with the absolute perfect specimen, we will however, find the one person who is perfect for us. (Despite their slightly flawed habits.)

Sometimes what we believe are our greatest flaws are really our best qualities and sometimes our worst habits are brought on by our biggest stressors in life and if we just learn to let them go and move on, to see they are no longer important or hold any worth in our lives, simply because we won’t allow them to, it just may be much simpler to stop those insatiable habits once and for all.

Or, maybe, we just need to enjoy life and every little piece of it and stop worrying about what others think. Perhaps we just need to do what makes us the happiest in life. Stop jumping through hoops for others, stop working the jobs we hate, stop living for others and just start really living for ourselves. Maybe then, the ones we truly love will see our happiness and search for their own.

Some things never change and thank God they don’t!

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