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Kristie Lynn Nelson

Sitting with my morning coffee today, I came across an article from my previous home state of Wisconsin, that brought tears to my eyes and rage to my soul. We are generally a forgiving society, however today I have no forgiveness to give.

I remember a time when life seemed so carefree and smiles were abundant, but today I see a time when people have forgotten what a beautiful world the lord has provided us. I see people that have lost faith in our government to care, I am one of them. I see people who have turned a blind eye to what is going on around them because they see no hope for a real and certain change.

I see doctors and nurses who have stopped feeling empathy and are mindlessly working just to make it through the day. I hear voices raging that they are fed up with not being heard and I feel tears of anger that I can no longer find faith in the medical field or in my government.

I feel passion, faith, and hope in my belief in the lord and what he is capable of providing if I just allow him to take the reigns in my life, but I see little hope in the government’s choices for my life and the world that surrounds me.

I read today, that Fentanyl overdosing is becoming a pandemic in Wisconsin and having heard of so many losses from this senseless and useless drug, I am frustrated and angry that this issue has not been taken care of and is not being taken seriously enough. We are raising our children in a world that has no morals and no repercussions for its behaviors anymore. We are shining light on school shooters as if they were hero’s and teaching our young ones that life is dispensable and punishment for your crimes is void in our world today.

We are raising our next generation to believe that they are invincible and that if they raise their voices loud enough and cry bully hard enough, they can get away with whatever they want.

We are disgracing our forefathers and the many who fought for our freedoms to live a beautiful and peaceful life in this country by putting our hands up and saying, “oh well” “what can we do?” In believing that discipline should be non-existent, and punishment should go unmentioned we are digging the hole to the depths of hell to open up and swallow our world and all of our lives whole.

We are losing our way folks, and if we are not careful, we will most certainly lose our world to the evils surrounding it. We must fight back, we must stand up to those attempting to destroy it, and we must stand strong in our faith and our beliefs in our country, our higher power, and ourselves.

We must raise our children to believe in our constitution, our judicial system, and our power as parents to assert punishment for their actions. We must teach them to believe in themselves and to carry themselves with dignity and grace. We must teach them to be respectful towards others and to respect themselves. We must re-instill hope and sanctity in this world.

It must be our mission to be the generation that truly brought real change to our world and gave it its greatest shining moment in our lifetime.

I pray that I can count on our generation to make the difference

, to remember what this world means to all of us.

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