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Oh, the Humanity!

Every face tells a different story, every heart feels emotion differently, every single individual is their own person, each one with a mind that thinks and sees things with a different view that comes with its own unique response and its own reason of belief. We all have one of kind personalities and our own genetic makeup that makes us the person we are.

While some of us have a dependent addictive gene, we all have something that we find ourselves addicted to and there are some of us who are driven to achieve and pursue our goals in life, while everyone of us has something in our lives that gives us the motivation to be driven to accomplish whatever it is that inspires us to want it so badly. We all have the ability to love, to feel desire, to be passionate and to reach our own level of climax from these emotions.

We are all capable of many emotions such as, anger, disappointment, humiliation, exhilaration, frustration, sympathy, empathy, and everyone of these feelings finds us humbled and possessing the ability to be human. These behaviors are not possessed by any certain gender, race, ethnicity, or creed, they are quite simply part of everyone’s human nature and they are one certain we all share as one on this amazing earth.

Isn’t funny how we all look at one another as different. We all see the uniqueness in each other, and we all commonly miss the reality that we are all more alike than any of us realize.

The good Lord created us all under one image, His. He didn’t see color, race, or ethnicity. The only difference he seen with his creation was gender. One man, one woman. We as humans have created all the differences, all the discrepancies, and we have perverted the simplicity that once was and the beauty God designed when he created this earth and all of us who exist in it. He gave us life, we make our lives what they are and cause our own damage and create our own demise. Imagine that!

The devil started the ball rolling, allowing us to see a difference in each other and to see the perverseness of the naked body, to feel the negative feelings that we do and to hold judgment toward one another. We are only following his lead when we choose to behave in such a lude manner.

What an amazing and beautiful world it would be if we could all see the beauty in each other and have respect for our world and everything in it, including one another. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all find human nature to be that of peace, love, respect, and appreciation for what God has provided us and for what we have and who we are? A little dignity, care, and personal kindness wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Maybe the next time you look at someone, think about the story you can’t see, think about what makes them similar to you not different. Remember the rule to treat others as you yourself wish to be treated. Smile, say hello, offer a hand and if you can’t do that, then say a prayer, wish them well, and go about your day.

If you don’t understand who they are or what they are about, then ask and try to give them the benefit of the doubt. If you don’t believe in what you see or hear and you can’t condone that person and how they appear, then say a prayer and let God decide if who they are and what they believe is fair.

Let Human Nature be just that, being human and living humanely amongst the beautiful nature that is abundantly around us. Let’s thank the Lord for the life he has graciously given us and let’s serve him well and live it as he intended us to.

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