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My Talks with God Journal 4

Good Morning Lord, I am sitting here this morning, watching the snow fall once again and praying you will make it stop and go away very soon. I am hopeful today lord that you will be able to guide me and show me the right direction from here and provide me some signs as to whether there is a right person for me. Once again, I have recently started communicating with someone but this time I am very comfortable with myself and where I am at today. I am not finding it a need to have someone in my life but more of a possible want someday. I have no desire to rush things anymore.

Today I am asking Lord for your guidance and for you to give me soul searching strength, financial strength as I work to keep the bills and this house maintained, heart strength to feel love again for someone and to know without a doubt when that love is right and the strength to remain strong and continue to guide my children to be strong warriors as well.

I hold no resentment or anger towards my previous connection, and I believe him to be a wonderful man, who made the best decision for him. I wish him all the best and pray for him to find peace and happiness in his life. I am not a cynical person and I hold no hatred for anyone. I am only sorry for the wrongs I have done.

I am elated to be at the next step for publishing my first book and to have started writing a second book. I love my new job and I have truly never felt happier with myself. I intend to carry on and reach for and achieve all of my dreams and with your help and direction lord, I know I can. I know you will see me through the trenches and shine the light when things are right and when the right person is found. I know, you are the only one who can know what is best for me.

I pray that you will wrap your glorious arms around the Griffin family and give them strength and health and a long life together. They are a wonderful family and deserve all the best in life. I pray that you will be with all of my friends and family who are struggling with something today and shine your light on them and help them through their troubles and their pain.

I continue to ask you to keep my boys safe and sound, strong and smart, healthy, and happy.

Thank you for always being there for me Lord. Thank you for the 32 year journey with my sweet husband, I will always love you, Erik Wayne. Always.

Keep us all safe today lord and every day. I pray you will clear the weather and give me safe travels at the end of the month.

All of my love. Amen

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