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Luck ‘O the Irish

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was kidnapped, brought to Ireland, and enslaved. It is said that he eventually escaped and then returned to convert the Irish to Christianity. March 17, the day we Americans celebrate St Patrick’s day, is believed to be the day he died. It is noted that Irish immigrants brought the celebration of St Patrick’s day to America and that he was celebrated for his good works, chasing the snakes from Ireland, and providing a new view on faith to the people.

“Luck of the Irish” was said to be a phrase coined in the 19th century based on immigrants who had fled to America to find work and land. Most became miners who were mining for silver and gold that was said to be found in the lands of America. Some were able to find just that and when they did, the Americans deemed it the “luck of the Irish”.

I believe that the greatest luck that was ever bestowed on the Irish people was that of Christianity. I believe that each one of us has fallen into a bit of bad as well as good luck in our lifetime, but as someone of Irish descent, I believe the only true luck I hold is that of having the Lord in my life and by my side.

I had many luck years with my first love, a man that was not easy to contend with but won my heart and kept it, no matter how rough the tides of life were while we were together. I have experienced many moments of the worst luck, the greatest being the day he died. I know through every moment of the 32 years I had with him and even during my grieving of his death, the Lord was my strength and my salvation through it all. My good luck charm if you will.

I had the good fortune of the Lord showing me that life is not over and that I still have an amazing one to live. He has shown me how lucky I am to have the most amazing sons ever. My son Brendan gave me a plastic gold coin with a four-leaf clover on it when he was around 5 years old and I have held onto that coin ever since, not for the luck it can bring me, but for the luck I have had of having him in my life and as my son.

The Lord has not given up on me and has insisted that I do not give up on myself and with that he has bestowed upon me another great fortune, to have found a second wonderful man to be a part of my life and today I feel as if I am the luckiest and most blessed woman on earth. He has truly won a great piece of my heart today and I will be forever grateful to have become a part of his life.

I have been given the greatest pot of gold one woman could ever hold, because I am blessed with three amazing families in my life, mine, my late husbands, and the family of the love of my life today.

I have complained a great deal about the struggles I have been through in my life, the truth is, I only struggled when I wasn’t letting the Lord into my life to take the lead.

The luck of this lady of Irish descent is how lucky I am to have the Lord love me.

May you all find your luck, your pot of gold, your good fortune and a new look on your faith today and every day for the rest of your lives.


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