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Standing in rippling shallow waters and looking into a blurred reflection that holds no form, a seemingly familiar silhouette of a body that once was strong and resilient, stable, and completely whole, but now is tattered, disheveled, and lost. A Soul that once was filled with life and unabashedly loved, a soul that shared a kismet link with its meant to be mate, now stands alone.

Standing on the hallowed grounds of the dead amongst the earthen soil that would soon envelope a glistening cherry wood bed holding the remains of one so loved and so deeply missed. Tears streaming down the face of the soul that will remain endlessly bound to the living world until that day when their heavenly spirits meet again. Not able to clearly hear the words being spoken so eloquently by the brother chosen to present a remembrance and a farewell to the life that once was, but achingly entranced in a moment in time where the world seems to stand still and the only sounds that can be heard are the anguished, painful, heart wrenching, sobs of loved ones surrounding the broken soul as it yearns for a breath while wiping away what seems an endless stream of tears.

It was not then that the awareness of being all alone became knowledge, but instead the realization continues to make itself present as it forcefully impales the wound first inflicted on that initial hour and persists to reveal itself over and over with each passing day.

As life rambles on and the world remains dazed and confused, this soul has never felt more lost since I’ve been loving you. There are moments throughout the day when I am stopped in my tracks by a memory of you and like a fool in the rain, I find myself longing for you again. The painstaking truth is, this is what is and what should never be, for you, for them and for me.

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