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Life’s Playbook

Does anyone really know, what life is really supposed to be like? Is there an outline on how life is supposed to be or a guideline that tells you when you are walking in the wrong direction or taking the wrong path? Are there any real warnings that come in to play to prevent you from falling off the cliff, from drowning in your own misery? Do any of us really have any idea what direction our lives are supposed to be headed, what is in our future? Are we all just being guided by a higher power and only he holds the playbook?

I think there is some truth to that. I believe there is a higher power, and it is God. He holds the play book, and he has given us a cheat sheet with the source being the bible that is meant to guide us in all the right directions. The problem is that we human beings are not without flaws, and we are incapable of not making mistakes. Following the ten commandments God has given us as simple as it seems to be able to follow ten golden rules, God’s golden rules are super tough for us to not break at least one.

I grew up believing that I would never break a single one of these rules, but alas I am human, and I have let him down a time or two. I am sure we all have. It is tough to be perfect. We say, stealing something small its not a big deal. Wanting what someone else has, well everyone finds themselves feeling that at some point in life, remembering to honor your parents, of course we all want to, but we feel anger towards them and disrespect them once in a while, especially as kids. Falling in love with someone who is already spoken for, you can’t always help the way your heart feels but the toughest part of that is reminding yourself that you can’t, not just because they are already someone else’s but because it is morally not right, and you must respect the sanctity of marriage and all it holds. Killing is probably not a common one but we can see in our world there are some who have no control. I’m sure you are getting the point, all of us have broken at least one.

It is a difficult thing, to be strong enough as a person to hold yourself accountable for your wrong doings and to prevent yourself from doing them. its even more difficult if you hold faith in the lord, to know you are letting him and yourself down. So, how do you find a way to live your life without letting yourself down? How do you make life what you want it to be and find all the happiness you deserve without a few bad choices? Well, you trust in the lord, and you hold true to yourself, and you have patience through it all. Something I have little of and really need to learn to get better at. I am learning the lord will answer and he will guide you but, in his time, not yours. Don’t jump the gun and make bad decisions because you don’t have the patience to wait for the beautiful story, he has written for you.

I am hoping he hasn’t given up on me yet and his playbook still holds a strategy for me with an amazing touchdown in the end!!

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