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Let’s Talk About School Shootings

This is a strong subject and one that no one wants to think about. Recently my son’s school emailed out a letter stating that his school was made aware of some child making a “Kill list”. On this list were thirty students and someone had the audacity to post this information on social media as if they were invincible to punishment with regards to their plan of action. Thankfully our school system went into action immediately and not only addressed the matter, but involved the authorities, who evaluated these children and their families and made them aware of the consequences for their intent of action. An email such as this makes your heart drop and at the same time makes you extremely angry.

Here are my thoughts on these matters. The media needs to stop talking about these school shooters as if they were some kinds of martyrs. They need to stop giving other children the idea that these people are to be idolized, that their actions are remembered and that they matter. This kind of expression from the media makes children who feel left out or bullied believe that they can get retaliation and make a name for themselves.

They are led to believe that this will show people that they will fight back and that it will change the behaviors of children everywhere. Well, it is simply not true, it does not change a thing. What changes these behaviors is parental action. Parents today need to evaluate the time and attention that they give to their children. Parents need to put down their technological devices, focus on some family time and stop thinking in the mindset that the most important action in their life is working. Parents need to discipline just as we were disciplined once upon a time.

If you do not have the time in your life to give your utmost attention to your children and their behaviors, then don’t have them. I am personally fed up with people blaming the guns, the stores, and the lack of security at those schools. In the 80’s when I was a kid, we had the same level ability to acquire guns, the same minimal security at schools and no one ever shot up a school in retaliation toward their peers. We had good old fashion fist fights, screamed in each other’s faces, etc. Did it hurt, of course it did, but for most, it made us stronger, it built our character, and it gave us the ability to be able to stand up for ourselves in the toughest of times. We were grounded, spanked and made to do chores at home when we misbehaved. We had consequences for our actions and for most of us, we had at least one parent home all the time.

This millennial, here’s a safety pin go sit in your safe place crap, is just that, Crap! What are we teaching our children if we give them excuses and safe spaces to run to so no one will hurt their feelings or make them responsible for themselves and enable them to defend themselves. Their home is supposed to be their safe space and their school is supposed to discipline when things get out of hand, by giving suspensions and detentions and making the children sit down amongst one another and discuss their angst with each other and work it out.

Suddenly we seemed to have lost all the adults in this world and now parents just want to be their child’s friend, they want to rekindle their youth through their children. Young girls are dressing like full grown women with make up and thong underwear, revealing shirts, skirts, and shorts. We are not teaching our girls to have respect for themselves and carry themselves with dignity and grace.

Come on people, it is time to take our schools back, take our children back, and to regain our dignity and self—respect for ourselves. This country was built on the foundation of WE THE PEOPLE, do you really think if a million Americans rose up that they would lose to 500 or so politicians? The politicians and the media have become bullies, rumor spreaders, and it is time we stopped listening to their garbage and letting them pit us against each other and we start doing the right thing.

Perhaps we need to go back and listen to Whitney Houston’s song “ The Greatest Love” and remind our babies they are worth something and teach them to love themselves. It’s time to take a stand folks.

Stand up in the name of Jesus, Stand up for a new revival, STAND UP FOR THE CHILDREN OF OUR FUTURE.

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