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If you haven’t found that one thing in life that makes you undeniably the happiest you have ever felt in your life, If you haven’t taken the time to slow down, regroup and refocus, if you haven’t allowed yourself the chance to reach out and take your life back, to make it yours, to have everything in this lifetime that makes you, your absolute happiest, then you are wasting the precious life that God gave you and life is way to short to keep wasting it. Stop what you are doing right now, think about what makes you the happiest you have ever been and find it!

Make today your new beginning. I know it sounds unreasonable and screams unrealistic. I know we have to pay our bills and make a living. I know it is a scary thought and feels ridiculous and stupid to even imagine, just walking away from what we are doing now, and walking towards what we have always wanted out of life, but its possible. It is realistic, reasonable, ridiculous, and stupid, but you can do it. I know this because I am doing it today.

There is nothing unrealistic about wanting to live your life to the fullest and throwing all the cards in to do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality.

It is unreasonable to think that we must live miserably our whole lives just to pay our bills, eat, and keep on, because the reason for living should never be defined by the necessities, we need to stay alive but by the way we choose to live, by the way we feel about the life we are living. We should be considering why we were put on this earth, and what our purpose is supposed to be while we are living on it.

God did not put us on this earth just to maintain life, he had purpose for us. We are supposed to ensure that the lives we live have purpose and we are responsible for our own fulfillment in life, our own happiness. Not just the momentary happiness in a day, but the everyday, all day happiness that we desire to have. Despite all the jokes and sarcasm, it does not come in a bottle or a pill, a cancer stick, or a powder, a needle, or any other form of delusional happiness. It comes from within in you and through him.

It is ridiculous to believe that you can never have the happiness you want in life, because you cannot afford it, it is not in your reach financially, there is not enough time in life left to achieve it, it’s simply not true, its all within your reach and achievable. If you honestly believe and you trust in yourself and in the lord, you can achieve anything, you can afford more than you think, you can reach for it and you can make life everything you want it to be.

You are stupid if you believe anything less than that. If you continue to work that miserable job that you hate and stay stagnant in a life you despise, just to make a living and live day by day. Get up, go to work, come home go to bed. No one wants to live that life, and no one has to. The only thing stupid about stopping what you are doing and taking your life back, no matter the cost, is that you have not done it yet!

There is still time, so stop what you are doing, look at the life you are currently living, ask yourself if you are genuinely happy, step outside, smell the air, listen to birds, and feel the breeze in your hair. Take a leap of faith, ask God to stand beside you, and see you through and find your true happiness.

Money is not what makes us happy, and if it is, it should not be. You are missing the true and only real meaning of life. What money buys us, provides us momentary happiness, not a lifetime of it.

I am not sharing this to steer you into a falsehood, I am sharing this, because I have done it. I will share with you that story in the next blog. Trust me, it is possible, it is realistic, it is reasonable, and it is the best feeling ever! I hope you Find it.

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