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Those Moments

Kristie Lynn Nelson

There are moments in time when every special memory you have ever been a part of suddenly comes ringing into your mind and you can vividly see those memories like they were yesterday. This week has been that moment in time for me.

My beautiful sister n law is getting married in two days and I am so very excited for her. The planning for our trip to be there and watch her say her “I do’s” has seem to make every past memory in my life with her brother, my first love, become a very vivid statement in my dreams and my thoughts for the last week. I can see so clearly the day we said our vows and became husband and wife, I find myself fondly remembering Amy as a little girl with her ponytail and her sweet smile.

I can still feel the first time my first love took my hand in his and the last time I took his hand in mine. I can still see the warm, loving look on his face and the tears of joy in his eyes, when I reached the end of the church aisle and stood before him ready to be his wife for the rest of my life.

My wish today is that Amy will forever be filled with those special memories and moments and always have joy in her heart and a soul full of happiness with the man she has come to love so greatly that she is certain she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. I can see the love he holds for her, and the strength he carries to be the one who completes her and balance out her life until death do they part.

I know her brother is with her and beaming to see her happiness and his sons being a part of her special day. I am certain he would say to her, having my sons with you is having me with you, because they are what makes me whole and everything, I raised them to be.

We reached the wedding day, and it was something to be remembered. The two of you were a perfect pair with your glowing smiles and your immeasurable affection for one another. That reaction Kyle had when he saw you at the door dressed and ready to go, that is the exact reaction your brother would have had too.

It was an incredible day, and I am so honored to have been a part of it and I feel so blessed to hold the beautiful memories I have of becoming a part of your brother’s life as his partner and his wife. I am forever thankful to have all of you as my family and to be a part of your memories as well.

I know that together the both of you have already made memories that you will always treasure and that you will continue to create those moments in life that will someday become those moments in time that make your heart smile when you look back on them and remind you both how blessed you truly are.

Always be willing to give of yourselves to one another, be willing to communicate through every challenge, and be willing to be each other’s strength to lift one another up when life pulls you down. Never forget what made you fall in love with one another when you first began and always let God lead you in the life you plan. Love each other as if tomorrow may not be and don’t let the world choose your life, but live life happy and free.

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1 Comment

Such beautiful words for your sister n law. I know she greatly appreciated the happiness you feel for her. God Bless them in their future and life to come.

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