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Will You Live Life or Just Pass Through it?

No one is ever required to go against their morals or give up on their dreams. All of us just need to be strong enough to stand up for them and fight for what we believe in and what we desire out of this life. Anyone who just goes along for the ride is not really living life, they are just passing through it. You must decide, you have the choice, you can stand strong and walk with pride or you can slither along as an empty, defeated shell with absolutely no purpose in your life at all. As for me I will stand proud with a backbone of strength, faith, and determination. I will fight for what I believe in and strive for my dreams with every last breath.

It may not always seem like the ideal choice to step back and walk away from a good job or a mediocre life and start over, but how does it feel to sit back and just accept where you are in life, just because it’s the easy thing to do? Are you happy? Truly happy? Or are you just willing to put up with where you are because you are not willing to be courageous enough to step out of your comfort zone and put in the effort to strive for better.

Before I lost my husband last year, I was working a job that did not really fit me, just to appease my husband and be out there working so he didn’t have to. After I lost him, I realized this, and I stepped away from that job. I stepped away because it was not where I wanted to be and because I decided I wanted more out of my life. I wanted to find what made me happy and to reach for my dreams.

I concluded that life is short, and you must live it and live it with the fullest purpose. Why wouldn’t you choose to reach for the stars and fight for everything that makes you happiest and feel as if you succeeded? Why wouldn’t you want to feel so full inside on the reward of knowing that you couldn’t possibly ask for anything more out of life, that you are so completely content with everything you have and everyone you have in your life that life couldn’t possibly get any better?

That’s what I am aiming for. That is my ultimate goal. I know what I want out of this life and who I want to share it with, and I plan to do everything in my power to make that happen. I know what my beliefs are, and I will always stand strong in those beliefs and fight for those beliefs that mean everything to me.

I will not let anyone decide what is right for me. I know there is only one who truly controls my destination and what is right for me and that is my lord and savior Jesus Christ and through him I make my choices in life, and I fight for my desires in this life, and he sees to what success I have in achieving them. I have faith that he will never let me fall. I know that I can do all things through him and the strength he provides me.

So, as you are sitting there today, at home or at your job or wherever you may be, ask yourself, “Am I happy? Do I have everything I ever dreamed of? Does my life feel full enough for me? Am I content with what I have, and does it fulfill my every desire?” If you know that you couldn’t possibly be happier with your life, than good for you, you did it. If you find that you just can’t wait for the day to be over and you have desires that you have always wanted but feel they are so far out of reach for you, don’t give up, don’t let go of those aspirations, tell yourself that you can have them, that you are worth the effort, push yourself to make the achieve them.

Ask yourself, will you leave this earth knowing you had the best life you could have asked for? Will you feel as if you could not have asked for anything more or will you take your last breath wishing you would have held out for that dream job, fought to make that one girl or guy yours, achieved those ultimate desires you always hoped for and now its too late.

I know for me; I don’t want to spend my last days on this earth wishing I had done more and changed course. I don’t want to resent myself for not trying harder, giving it everything I had to achieve all of my dreams. I know for certain that I don’t want to spend my last days alone and wishing that I reached out and made every attempt to be with the one person I believed would make the rest of my days full of happiness and love. Of course, I had that person once and I lost him too soon, it will not be easy to find that again, but I know that God’s plan will guide me to whomever may be the one who shares in the rest of my days here on earth and how blessed I will be to have had two perfect loves in one life, should he choose that for me.

I have always told my children, find what makes you happy, don’t make what you do a job, make it a joy. Somewhere you look forward to being and a place that fills you with reward in your heart and gives you the desire to want to be passionate about what you are doing. We can all work a J.O.B (just over broke) position, but how many of you are willing to make the effort to work a dream?

I am not going to give up and I will never give in to another’s ideals for me or what they believe is right for me in this world. This is my life, and I will choose its destination and I will fight against all of the wrong ideas out there, the ideas that go against the very nature of the good lord’s scripture and commandments, because a corrupt nature is and evil one. We should all want a better world not one that suites are convenience, but one that holds beauty and love for one another and finds us living amongst each other with respect and appreciation of one another, lifting each other up not tearing each other down. Saving lives not destroying them for our own greed and desires.

The lord has blessed my life many times already and I will continue to glorify him and fight to make my life everything I want it to be and to hopefully hold everyone I want in it.

I hope that you will look within yourself and determine if you have found success, not just in a career but in yourself and your life. I hope on your last days, your heart is full and your mind at ease, because you know you could have never been happier in the life you lived.

I wish you all God’s blessings and the best life can hold.

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