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We Live

We live! We live amongst the trees, the green grass, flowing waters, the singing birds, and the buzzing bees. We live! We live to feel the sun on our face, to be guided by the moon, to gaze towards the prospects of outer space. We live. We live to feel the earth under our feet and the grains of sand surrounding our toes as we walk along the beach. We live!

We live to give birth to the blessings we are chosen to carry; we live to find love that is worth the commitment to marry. We live! We live to feel each other within our arms and the lord within our reach. We live to inspire and to teach. We live! We live to be afforded the choice, to live life filled with hate, anger, and pain, or to live life filled with faith, hope, and love, giving us a reason to rejoice over and over again. We live!

We live to smell the sweet, fresh air that we breathe each day. We live because God is allowing us to find our own way. We live! We live with a purpose you see, a devotion to determine what becomes of you and me, will we choose the dark pits of hell or the glorious beauty of eternity. We live!

We live, not because our mothers gave birth, but because the Lord believed in us and gave us His blessing to live on this earth. We are the chosen that are meant to achieve, to seek others and inspire them to believe. We live!

The question I have is, will you live burdened, or will you live free? I know what I choose, and I hope you choose the same choice as me.

I choose to Live and be Free!

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