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The Window to My Life

I am sitting in the window lord, looking at your sky, watching as the trees are blowing in the breeze and listening to the sweet sound of all your creatures that tell me they are passing by. I am reaching out to you lord, looking for some answers and awaiting your reply. I know you are here lord, and you will never let me fall. I am counting on your guidance lord to see me through it all.

There are storms all around me, I can see them every way I turn. I have choices and ideas of what I want to do, but I know you have a plan for me and so, I am waiting for you.

There is someone in my life now lord, that I know you sent to me and I hoping that you will comfort them and set their anguish free. Help them to get through this pain and trial they must bear and lead them to a better place and the love for them, that is waiting there, someone it seems you meant for them to find and start to live the kind of life for them that only you have had in mind.

I am praying lord and asking for your hand in finding my own strength and a little piece of wisdom, to turn my life around and prevent my life from turning completely upside down.

I know there is a plan for my life, and I can feel it deep within my soul but until all the puzzle pieces start to fit together, I will never feel my life is whole.

So, I am sitting in this window lord and listening for your words, I am praying that you are listening as I beg for your reply, I know that you are here lord, I feel you by my side. I know I have to try lord; I know I have to fight; I know what I feel lord, I just hope you find it right.

I am asking for your comfort lord and your hand to spread its grace; I need you to help me lord to put all my scattered pieces into place. You have found the center piece lord that makes my heart complete, but all the other pieces are still laying out of place while I am searching for my dreams and not just forcing the pieces to fill a space.

I believe in you lord, and I know you will never let me down. I am counting on you lord to continue the path you have designed for me and the story that you wound. Fill in all the puzzle pieces lord with all you see for me, you started out quite perfectly and refilled my heart complete, the rest is waiting for your touch lord so every piece will find its place within, so the new picture of my life lord will find me whole again.

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