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The Magic of Music

Have you ever found yourself relating every single feeling you have to a song? Have you ever been driving down the road and heard a song that just fit everything you were feeling about someone or something in your life? Have you ever listened to a song and felt a surge of energy, like everything that just had you feeling down just suddenly went away and the day was now better because of that song? Have you ever specifically listened to a song because it reminded you of someone so much or a moment in your life that you just wanted to feel again?

I can not tell you how much of a role music plays in my life. No, I do not play an instrument, but I have tried playing the guitar a few times. I just love music and the way it makes me feel, the way it seems to be my answer to every emotion I hold. It can take you back to a moment in time or bring out everything you’re feeling right now and make you feel like someone understands.

Music can get you through some of the toughest moments in your life and play you right out of your sorrow, anger, or pain. For the same reason I like to write my blogs, many people write songs to express their feelings and thoughts on life.

I happen to enjoy almost every genre of music and I find that with every different type there is a different feeling you achieve from just the musical side of songs. I am a huge fan of the blues and I love a good raspy voice like Bob Seger or a really sexy vibe like many of the songs by Led Zeppelin, but one of my favorite artists that really makes me feel great every time I listen to her is Etta James.

There are a handful of things that have helped get me through the toughest moments of losing my husband this past year, my children and family, good friends, a sweet man and one of the greatest things that has seen me through, music. Some songs are still hard to listen to and remind me dearly of my husband, but many make me smile and fill me with such happiness. There are even songs that seem to take away all of my sorrow and it feel as if they just heal my soul every time, I hear them.

There are a few local guys I love to listen to when they get together and one special person, I love to watch play, he just seems to light up when he plays and he has an incredible talent, they all do. My husband was the singer in a band, and it was always fun to watch them play. You can always tell those that really feel the music deep into their soul, because they just shine while they sing or play or both and they just exuberate the feeling behind the song so well.

The real artists and talents out there are truly special and when you see or hear them or both you feel very lucky for having been able to share and enjoy their talent and their special love for music. I recently took notice of an artist Chris Cornell, what an incredible talent, such a beautiful voice. That is the fun and joy of music there is always more to discover. Great talent and beautiful music can not be faked, the cookie cutter artists that are created today are shameful and will never be remembered in history like so many amazing talents before them.

Music will always be my absolute best friend, it has healed my heartache, carried me through disappointments, it has seen me through stressful moments and the happiest moments of my life, it has gracefully guided my feelings when falling in love and it has helped me find the light in the darkest of moments.

Great music can make you cry, smile, laugh, dance, sing a long, ache and love, it adds to every emotion and it gives you a little bit extra and for so many of us the words of a great song can be the exact letter you are trying to share with someone, the exact feeling you are trying to express, that is what makes music so special it fits almost every emotion and need in your life perfectly. It can take away almost any amount of stress just from a single note. Music heals the soul and makes every part of you feel whole again. It brings people together and sparks memories of time past, music is the one thing in life that is always there, when everything else seems to have gone away.

So when you are feeling down, your heart is breaking, or you just need that extra pep in your step, when you are falling in love, when you just need to unwind, turn on the radio, cue up the record player, pop in a cd and listen to the words, feel the music deep in your soul because music answers every question, it responds to every feeling and fixes every pain, music takes us all on a journey to feeling just right over and over again.

The one thing we know for sure, when all else fails us, music never will.


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When I feel down , I listen to Elvis gospel music. It always seems to relax me.

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