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See the Worth in Braving the Battle for You and Yours

A Shakespeare play first quoted “the world is your oyster” meaning that everything is open to you for you to take the world and make it what you wish it to be for you. Well, that metaphor is not so present today. The world is open to what ever you want from it if the government is not busy taking away your freedoms to grasp for the things you want to make your life what you want it to be.

I have spent my entire life fighting for everything I want in this world, and it seems I will never be done fighting. It seems this world is slowly closing down around me and everything I desire is filled with obstacles that will never allow me to reach my goals. I have always raised and taught my boys to stand up and fight for what you believe in and what fulfills your happiness. My late husband and I taught them to be men and not to be afraid of confrontation or a challenge and to battle through the hard times, never let the tough moments beat you. Everything in life that matters to you is worth fighting for, and I still believe this.

So, I am still fighting!! I am standing strong for my beliefs in this world, and I will not let a government body decide what is best for me in my life. I will not sit by and let the challenges that confront me decide where the direction of my life is headed.

I will succeed in my career, in my life choices, in my happiness and in love. I succeed in all of these before and now my challenge is to start over again and to succeed in what I want for me! Now my life will be centered around me. I know this sounds arrogant and selfish, but I have spent 32 years with my life centered around my husband and my mother and 26 years centered around my children, now yes, I will always focus on my children as they are my life, but I must focus on me.

It is time to lead by example for my children and show them that mom will never stop fighting and mom will succeed and find all of the happiness she deserves in life, this allows my children to see that they should never give up and never give in and they should always stand strong in every battle in life for what they desire out of it!

I have raised real men in a world that challenges that quality in men everyday and I will never allow my men to be anything less than that. This does not mean they can not have emotions and feel and cry when things hurt or that they are any less of a man for respecting a woman and being compassionate to her needs, but it does mean that they should never allow a woman to walk all over them and take from them the very manhood that has been instilled in them.

This does mean that they should in turn raise strong men, real men and passionate men, respectful men, and loving men, and they should raise strong woman as well , with all the same qualities, who love themselves, love their children and their spouses and love their country and their freedom.

The challenge is to be the person who will never let another body destroy your hopes, your dreams, your desires, and your person, simply because you were not willing to stand up to the challenge and believed it easier to just give in to defeat.

The challenge is knowing that we have one purpose in this life to live it to the fullest and to live it the way God would expect of us. We get one life, and it is never a guarantee how long we have to live that life, so we must stand for our happiness now and teach our children to do the same or we may very well find that we just let life and everything that could be great in it, pass us by and without every really feeling true happiness, true success, true love and true satisfaction for a job well done raising amazing children that we know will survive and survive well, when our time comes to leave this earth and enter those precious gates of paradise.

Folks don’t let anything in this world stop you from finding your true happiness, success, love, and satisfaction in a job well done. Stand up and be strong, fight for your happiness and for your children’s, they are counting on us to lead by example and guide them into fighting for their happiness, freedoms, success, love, and satisfaction in a job well done raising their own children one day!

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