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Life is a Challenge

For as long as we are blessed to live on this Earth, we will never cease to go unchallenged. The road will never find itself completely smooth and without a few pebbles along the way. We must learn to be our own warriors and battle through the toughest of times without filling ourselves with hatred, anger and without feeling the need to give up on our lives. We must be willing to see that God will never let us fall if we find our strength through him.

I will be the first to admit that life can throw some pretty painful things our way and these things can certainly be crippling. They can change your person and make you a very bitter, spiteful human being. They can make you feel weak and hopeless, or they can help you to be more cautious and lead to find a greater strength within yourself than you ever imagined. You must always try to see the positive to a very negative moment in your life.

No one and nothing in this world are worth your life. The best answer to someone who is tearing you down and making you feel like life just isn’t worth it, is to pray for their souls and to remind yourself that you are always a beautiful soul in God’s eyes. You are his incredible and impeccable creation, and you are capable of being the greatest you ever if you just believe in yourself.

Someone in this world has thought about taking their life because they have seen no hope and felt no reason to go on, but they need to know that they are their greatest hope and that nothing and no one in this world can fulfill your hopes and dreams better than you can. One of the greatest sins you can act out is destroying the beautiful creation God made that is you, yourself.

It was never meant to be your choice when your time on earth is done, it has always only been decided by him.

So, when other humans or moments come into your world and attempt to destroy the sanctity of your happiness, your hopes, and dreams, pray for them, reach to God for comfort and strength and just move on and move away from them and those moments. Realize that you are incredible, and they do not deserve your time or the satisfaction of causing you pain and darkening your world.

Smile at the Sunshine and smell the freshness of the air and know that all you need in this world is the knowledge that God loves you and all of the beauty that surrounds you is all God ever believed you needed to have a full life.

God blesses us with our babies and sometimes with a great love in our lives, with our lives and the ability to live freely as we see fit and his only hope is that we live our lives well and as he would believe is just. It is then that we will find our greatest blessings and our most valued happiness.

We as humans can be our own worst enemies because we seek too much to fulfill our pleasures and to be our own blessings and we lose sight in the real values in life and what the true pleasures of life are supposed to be that fill our souls with all the greatest feelings and provide us the greatest rewards. Those of compassion, love, gratitude, giving and being an honorable example for others.

We are so busy thinking about ourselves and our own well- being that we forget or do not realize that we were put on this earth for others not just for ourselves. That when we are blessed to bring new life into this world, that is by God's grace not through your own works and it is your job to focus on building that new life into a beautiful soul because God chose you to take great care of his precious soul he provided you, and your thanks to him comes from the job you do.

Stop focusing on you and focus on the precious gift you have been provided because you owe God a job well done.

Life is a precious gift, and we are charged with making sure that no one destroys it, even you yourself. So, live as a blessing to others and as a shining example and never let anyone destroy who you are and who you are meant to be. Pray for those who seek to cause harm and move on with your head held high and be proud that you did.

Remember God will never let you fall, you will only hit that ground on your own when you lose faith in yourself and in him.

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