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Choose to Live and Let Live

Somedays you think you have all the answers and others you feel like the world is crashing around you. These are the ups and downs of grieving. Truthfully, these are the ups and downs of life. I ‘ve said it before but it bares repeating, the lord never intended for our lives to be easy, we were meant to find struggle and charged with finding our way through life, because Adam and Eve took the option of perfect, away with one bad decision. God Blesses us with life and love and the ability to create life and he watches over us as we decide our choices in the life, he has given us.

Someone recently asked me, how can you not stand on the side of women when it comes to abortion and our right to choose for our body? The misconception is that I am not standing for women, when in reality I am. I stand for life, all life. I stand for the life of the innocent unborn child, who was never given a choice in the matter. So, in that sense I do stand for women, all of the innocent unborn, women and men.

I simply do not believe women are afforded the right to murder an innocent life nor do I believe that option is necessary, let God decide the fate of that child or the fate of your life. As a nurse I know that if a woman was dying while pregnant the child would be removed from the womb in attempt to save the mother, that is how this works but at no point do you need to reach in and chop that innocent life into pieces to save yours. Yes, there are circumstances that are horrific and unbearable to think of, but in these circumstances, we need to allow God to decide what is best, that unborn child did not choose this no more than you did. You may not agree with my thought on this but no matter how you perceive it, you do not possess the right to murder an innocent life.

I advocate for all life, not just mine but the life of my children and their lives will always come first. As I said, life is never easy, the struggles through out life can be cumbersome and exhausting, but it is how we choose to live it that makes it worth living. Only God truly knows how are lives will play out and when our time will come to be called home to the promise land, only he yields the right to take life away.

We get one opportunity to provide to our children the example of reaching for the best life has to offer, wanting more than just surviving each day but instead taking each day by storm and making it what you want it to be. Don’t let your children just exist in life and don’t show them that you are just existing, shine for them. Show them what a loving relationship with someone is and what having passion is, expect more from them so that they learn to expect more from themselves. Choose to let your child live and teach them what living life really is and why it matters.

Lead by example and show your children what a confident, strong, respectful, gentle, man is and show them what a respectable, beautiful, gentle, yet strong woman is, we do not need to be so confident that we hold ourselves to having the power of God to be able to give life and take life away at our choosing. Our power comes from how we decide to manage the life we are given and how we choose life to be for the precious miracle(s) God blesses us with.

So many are losing sight of the precious gift that life is and how quickly that life can be taken away. We need to hold onto the positives and sweep the negatives away, find strength in ourselves and be thankful that God has chosen for us to be alive and gave us life. So do not waste the life you have by just letting it be and living day to day just being. Take hold of your life, battle through the tough choices so you can reach the paradise you seek out of life and allow those lives you create to be able to do the same.

Let them see you fight for your dreams or allow them to be given to parents that will so they can someday fight for their dreams, just don’t take their opportunity to live and to dream away from them because you are not willing to fight for your own.

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